“The Charge Behind EVP:” Introducing Ralph Proceviat, Co-Founder and CFO

29 September 2023

By: eV Power

At eV Power Exchange (EVP), innovation and progress are at the heart of our ethos. Our drive is steered by an acute understanding of the EV charging landscape, ensuring that we consistently serve our partners and community.

Since our inception in 2020, our mission has been clear: to transform the EV charging sector, as recently demonstrated by our pioneering installation in Salt Lake City, Utah. As we navigate this ever-evolving sector, the people behind EVP stand as our pillars of strength.

Enter our series: The Charge Behind EVP – a collection of stories spotlighting those at the core of our vision. Today, we delve into the world of Ralph Proceviat, our Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, tracing his journey from leading executive roles to the heart of EVP.

Ventures and Collaborations: The Roots of EVP

Ralph reminisces about his early days, “In most of my initial roles, I was typically hired for specific positions, like a CEO or CFO. Interestingly, my entrepreneurial streak was first evident when I formed a rock band at 16. Just like building a company from the ground up, forming a band meant selecting the right members, choosing our music, and finding venues. With EVP, we are truly building everything from scratch.”

Ralph’s dynamic partnership with Mark Sampson, CEO and Co-Founder, has been pivotal. With Ralph’s expertise in business finance and Mark’s prowess in marketing and sales, they’ve collectively contributed to approximately 30 businesses over the years. One of their notable collaborations from the late ’80s revolved around telecommunications and banking. Ralph adds, “Our shared ambition to leave a legacy, particularly for our families, led us to the ‘save the planet’ mission. Given our experience with interconnected banking terminals, venturing into the EV charging network felt like a natural progression.”

A Sustainable Vision for the Future

Ralph’s ventures weren’t merely about business; they were about leaving a lasting imprint. And at EVP, he aims to craft a legacy built on sustainability. “Our vision is clear: to pave the way for a cleaner future, targeting zero emissions and championing a sustainable world for the upcoming generations,” he notes.

His previous venture at Suitable Technologies, where the product “Beam” was developed, armed Ralph with insights about venture capital and strategic marketing. Drawing parallels to EVP, Ralph underscores the importance of a well-thought-out marketing approach rooted in understanding demand and supply.

The Evolving Landscape of EV Charging

Ralph emphasizes, “Business is often about supply and demand. However, at EVP, our mission transcends mere economics. As we transition from fossil fuels to electric, establishing a solid infrastructure is crucial.” For Ralph and his team, EVP is not just about transactions; it’s about fostering partnerships. He elucidates, “We aim to expand our reach, particularly in areas like Utah and the Mountain States. More than that, we envision creating universally accessible charging facilities to support a zero-emission future.” 

“Utah has a unique combination of a population that wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and a business community that is very bullish on establishing Utah as a leading EV Charging State.  Combine that with great program support from State and Federal Governments, and that creates a winning combination,” Ralph said.  

“Monetize Your Parking Lot,” an EVP initiative driven by Ralph and the team, is now transforming idle spaces into potential revenue streams more sustainably than ever before. He foresees a time when most delivery and ride-sharing vehicles will be electric, and having strategically placed chargers will be crucial.

Challenges, Triumphs, and Future Aspirations

Every venture has its hurdles. For Ralph and Mark, collaborating with an overseas supplier meant navigating cultural differences and aligning business models. Yet, their determination remained unshaken. Reflecting on their journey, Ralph mentions, “The past two and a half years have been akin to a roller coaster, but it’s been a thrilling ride, each challenge surmounted only adding to our determination.” Finding the right partners to ensure seamless integration, installation, and operation of the chargers was not a simple task, and much of our time prior to launch was focused on getting it right by selecting the right strategic partners.

President Biden’s commitment to deploying 500,000 fast chargers across the U.S. also aligns with EVP’s goals. Ralph adds, “With several regions now targeting 50% electric cars by 2030, the demand for a robust charging infrastructure is evident. Our vision stretches beyond 2025, aiming for a greener, sustainable future.”

The core strength of EVP, according to Ralph, lies in fostering long-term partnerships. “It’s not just about financial gains,” he notes, “It’s about relationships, growth, and sustainability.”

From entrepreneurial ventures to co-founding EVP, Ralph’s journey is a testament to his dedication, foresight, and enduring passion.

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