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Future-proof Your Business: Why Retailers Should Be Embracing EV Charging

9 May 2024

By: eV Power

A car charging outside a popular sports retailer.

By 2030 it is estimated that there will be 26.4 million EVs on US roads, that’s a lot of potential customers looking for a place to charge up while they shop. 

According to Shell, as of 2022 65% of EV owners choose where they spend their money based on charger availability. As a retailer, this is an opportunity to future-proof your business. Installing EV charging stations will increase footfall & revenue, improve the customer experience & promote a forward-thinking brand image. Buckle up, let’s dive a little deeper into why retailers should seize this opportunity to get ahead:

Increase Footfall & Revenue

More than 50% of EV Drivers earn above 100,000 per year, so attracting EV Drivers means attracting high-income shoppers. These drivers make up a new customer segment for retailers, they are sophisticated, environmentally-focused shoppers looking for brands that align with their values. Adding charging stations to your retail location will not only attract this customer segment but will also keep them at your location for an average charge time of 30 minutes.

EV drivers charging their vehicles need something to occupy their time – and shopping is a win-win for these drivers and the retailers that supply them with charging infrastructure. Adding chargers to your shopping mall means increased foot traffic to your stores and repeat visits from EV drivers who then become loyal customers. 

Improved Customer Experience

The EV space is currently growing rapidly, and making your retail space accessible to EV Drivers means they will feel welcome to shop at your location, knowing they can charge while they browse. You wouldn’t want to miss out on engaging with high-value customers who select their retail destinations based on charger availability.

A Forward-Thinking Brand Image

By embracing the growing trend of EV adoption, you’re demonstrating your proactive stance in meeting customer expectations head-on. After all, the positive shopping experience starts the moment they pull into your parking lot.

Well, What Are You Waiting For? 

Rely on eV Power as your trusted solution provider for EV Charging Stations. We ensure that you reduce upfront costs while enhancing your ROI of EV charging stations. Contact us today, whether you’re seeking information on rebates, incentives, or grants, we’re here to simplify this process every step of the way.