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We’re here to be your resource and expert advisors on all things EV. Below are some of the most common questions our partners have.

For Drivers

How much will a charge cost on eV power Fast Chargers?

The price per charge is set by Property Partner and is approximately $15.00 per charge.

Will EV Drivers be able to see the availability of chargers, save time, and reserve a stall via the eV Power mobile app?

Yes, EV Drivers can use the app to find chargers near them, see what’s currently available, reserve a stall, and be assured that they can start charging their EV as soon as they arrive on the property.

Will there be a mobile application to use with eV Power chargers?

Yes, you can download the eV power mobile app from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store – coming soon.

For Property Owners

How will eV power help Property Partners obtain rebates for having EV chargers on-premise?

The eV power website contains a detailed page of links to websites that offer rebate programs, details at: If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact the eV power team to learn more about the options you qualify for.

How does eV power help promote Partners and get new EV Drivers?

In addition to the typical resources available (sales and marketing materials, the website, mobile app, testimonials, promotion through local associations, etc.), eV power is actively expanding its footprint, bringing on more high-quality partners from various industries. Only eV power will actively bring you an ever-expanding network of EV Drivers ready for you to convert to loyal customers.

How much will it cost to set up an eV power station?

The average cost to install a Fast Charger station is approximately USD 50k. However, rebates vary depending on your location and can be available from Federal, State, or municipal sources, greatly affecting your final cost. Contact the eV power team to learn more about the options you qualify for.

What level of reporting will be shared with Property Partners?

In the eV power Partner Portal you’ll be able to access a dashboard and reports that show everything you’ll need to understand usage and craft promotions, including:

  • Users, new users, repeat users, number of visits
  • Value of charges, length of charges, kWH used
  • Amount charged per visit, amount earned per visit
  • Data per stall, visit, or user

If you have multiple locations with chargers, you’ll also be able to view reports per location.

How will station owners/operators set prices for the stations? Can they define a fixed pricing schedule based on the time or the date?

In the eV power Partner Portal you’ll be able to define a pricing schedule, and the eV power team will be available to help you understand the current market conditions around price.

Will the station owners/operators be able to dynamically set the pricing for their charging stations?

Yes. Each Property Partner can set and adjust pricing through their eV power Partner Portal.

How many chargers can one location host?

Most eV power locations will host 10 or 20 units. The minimum number of chargers a Partner can install is 4.

What kind of chargers are provided by eV power?

eV Power is always looking for the best chargers in the industry. At launch, we will be offering Efacec’s DC Fast Chargers. Each charger fits easily in front of a parking stall, stands 5 feet high, and is 3 feet by 1.5 feet around. We also offer Level 2 Chargers to our hotel partners who have EV driver guests using the chargers overnight.

What kind of partners is eV power looking for?

eV power has two kinds of partners: Property Partners and Merchant Partners.

  • Property Partners have at least one location where chargers will be installed.
  • Merchant Partners don’t have to install chargers but need to be within a 15 minute drive of a Property Partner and be willing to offer incentives, promotions, or other offers to eV power Members.

For Merchants

How will the eV power Member discounts work?

Our Partners will offer eV power Members discounts, promotions, or other exclusive offers and update their offers regularly. eV power will be expanding the Member discount functionality over time.

For Fleets

How much will a charge cost on eV Chargers?

The price per kilowatt hour (kWh) is set by the Property Partner, but our Corporate Partnership Team will work closely with you to establish a discount based on the size of your fleet and your unique business needs.

Will my drivers be able to see the availability of chargers at the station via a mobile app?

Yes, your drivers can use the app to find chargers near them, see what’s currently available, and also reserve a spot so they can charge when they arrive.

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