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Charging into the Future: eV Power Exchange is Building North America’s Leading EV Charging Network, Starting in Utah

14 August 2023

By: eV Power

As soon as the end of this year, eV Power Exchange will be Utah’s largest publicly available DC (Level 3) fast-charging network. And we are just getting started.

Electric vehicle (EV) demand in North America is growing progressively year over year, as auto manufacturers continue to deliver more new models and drivers come to embrace the inevitability of sustainable transportation. And while EVs promise a future of cleaner, more efficient transport, they also require a fundamental shift in infrastructure. 

This surging appetite for EVs has fuelled a critical need for a robust, reliable and integrated charging network, capable of keeping pace with the industry’s growth. As it stands, North America’s charging networks are insufficiently positioned to meet this rising demand.

An integrated, driver-focused charging network—one that combines accessibility, fast charging, and widespread coverage—is crucial to breaking down adoption barriers and driving the essential global transition to 100% electrified transportation.

Enter eV Power Exchange (eV Power) – a rapidly growing Electric Vehicle Service Provider (EVSP) delivering EV Charging solutions to North America’s electric vehicle (EV) community. 

Thanks to our innovative driver-centric strategy, eV Power is poised to disrupt and capture a significant segment of North America’s EV charging market, starting in Utah. We will begin rolling out our first DC Fast Chargers in Salt Lake City, Utah this Fall. From there, our plan is to expand across the Mountain West states and eventually encapsulate much of North America.

Why Launching in Utah Just Makes Sense: Forward-Thinking EV Enthusiasts

The State of Utah is poised at the heart of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, thanks to its forward-thinking residents and a progressive government. eV Power’s choice to launch in Utah was anything but arbitrary; Utah’s enthusiastic embrace of EVs and a keen interest in transitioning to sustainable transportation provides the perfect environment to validate and grow a network designed to revolutionize EV charging. Moreover, the collaborative spirit of Utah’s property owners and supportive local and state agencies further fuels the potential for a successful launch. Hear it from eV Power’s Chief Revenue Officer, Travis Nicolaides, who gives us a glimpse into why Utah was a natural choice:

“The State of Utah is among the fastest growing states in the US by population, and for EV adoption, adding over 9,000 new electric vehicles last year alone (which is 35% more than were added in 2021, with a 55% increase in total number of EVs from end of 2021 to end of 2022, according to registration data from the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles). This provides both an opportunity and a challenge for the State of Utah, as the current public EV Charging network will not support the population and EV driver growth. eV Power is excited to play a significant role in growing the public Level 3 charging network by placing chargers in strategic locations throughout the state. Utah’s EV drivers have expressed frustration with the current conditions of their state’s charging infrastructure. Property owners similarly understand the opportunity associated with offering charging to their merchant’s customers, helping them differentiate from competitors by creating a unique value proposition. This enhanced EV charging network will also help the state to improve air quality by reducing carbon emissions. So all-in-all, Utah is simply the ideal epicenter for the EV revolution we’re wanting to spark,” states Nicolaides.

“We also have very supportive government agencies at the city and state levels that want to support EV drivers that are both permanent residents and visitors. Our network of real estate developers, along with strategic connections with key government influencers, will allow us to scale our program into the Mountain West and throughout North America.  What makes our business so unique is it brings value to the states we service, the real estate owners, and the eV drivers by providing a stable and easy-to-access eV network located in heavily trafficked, premier locations.” he notes.

eV Power’s Roadmap For Better EV Charging Experiences

eV Power is charting a course to reshape the EV charging landscape. Committed to delivering fast, accessible, and reliable charging experiences, eV Power’s vision extends beyond mere infrastructure. By integrating partnerships with local businesses and a user-friendly mobile app, we’re set to transform EV charging from a chore into an opportunity for exploration and connection. Explore eV Power’s roadmap for better EV charging experiences below, where convenience and community are at the heart of every driver’s journey:

  • Fast charging for everyday commuters: eV Power’s charging network will be made up of solely DC fast chargers, which will charge an EV car from 15% – 80% battery life in only 40-45 minutes (compared to hours for most chargers).
  • Utah’s most available charging network: eV Power intends to provision and install over 100 chargers across Utah by the end of 2023, over 500 by 2025, and over 1,000 by 2030. Drivers will be able to access eV Power’s chargers wherever they live, work, and play, allowing them to confidently explore life’s open roads while visiting and supporting their favorite community-based venues.
  • Built-in benefits for drivers: eV Power’s partnership model with property partners and merchants in retail, food/beverage, and entertainment will empower drivers to experience something new whenever they top up. This means that the days of sitting around and waiting for your EV to charge will soon be over.
  • Complete EV compatibility: eV Power’s chargers will be compatible with any EV (including Teslas with the appropriate adaptor).
  • Supreme reliability: eV Power’s chargers will be supremely reliable because we are committed to charge-point experience excellence. If drivers are to encounter issues in fringe cases, they’ll be able to call a dedicated support line 24/7 to get them their charge and back on the road in minutes.
  • A user-friendly app: eV Power’s user-friendly mobile app will be fully integrated with its network management system to provide seamless network and charger availability. It’s the link between drivers and the company’s merchant partners.
  • Supporting local communities and economies: Ultimately, eV Power is about connecting EV drivers to the spaces and places that make their lives what they are. Our network will be designed with convenience top of mind, with a vision to empower communities and ensure businesses are well-equipped to adapt to the brave new world of electrified transportation.

Transforming How EV Drivers Feel About Their Charging Experience

Spearheaded by Mark Sampson, CEO and Co-Founder, and Ralph Proceviat, CFO and Co-Founder, and led by a highly experienced team, eV Power is rising above the status quo, rebuilding the EV charging landscape through an innovative, dependable, and driver-focused approach.

Here’s what Sampson has to say about eV Power’s transformational vision:

“We’re doing things differently. Our approach is to be a catalyst in the development of standards in an industry where standards are yet to be defined. EV owners deserve better than what’s available to them today. Those standards will include high availability, reliability, safety, and quality. We’re doing it because we care about the planet and also about the EV driver experience. We don’t want drivers to have to worry about where they’ll get their next charge, or worse, when they arrive at a station, it is not functioning.”

Sampson’s words echo our unwavering dedication to delivering an environmentally sustainable future and seamless charging experiences for every EV driver, where the reliability and consistency of charging are on par with refueling an internal combustion vehicle with gas.

About eV Power Exchange

eV Power Exchange is a rapidly growing Electric Vehicle Service Provider (EVSP) providing EV Charging solutions to North America’s electric vehicle (EV) community. 

The demand for EVs in North America is growing steadily. Yet the supply of reliable, integrated EV charging networks is insufficient to meet this rising demand. eV Power Exchange intends to change that: 

  • Our state-of-the-art chargers are supremely reliable – we’re committed to charge-point experience excellence.
  • Our chargers will be conveniently located where EV drivers live, work, and play, empowering them to confidently explore life’s open roads.
  • Our partnership model with leading merchants in retail, food/beverage, and entertainment allows drivers to experience something new whenever they need to top up – the days of sitting around and waiting for your EV to charge will soon be over! 

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