Your Customers are Driving EVs. Is Your Business Ready?

With 3.3 million EVs on US roads, and 65% of EV owners basing their spending decisions on charger availability, the time to invest in EV Charging solutions is now. With EV Power, we provide seamless solutions that ensure your business stays ahead of competitors. Let us guide you through this process so that you can start attracting new customers and increasing your revenue.


Now is the time to get on board

Gain New Customers

By 2030 it is estimated that there will be 26.4 million EVs on the roads in the U.S., that’s a lot of potential customers looking for a place to charge up while they frequent your business.

Attract High-Income Consumers

More than 50% of EV Drivers earn above 100,000 per year, so attracting EV Drivers means attracting high-income consumers. Adding charging stations to your business will not only attract this customer segment but will also keep them at your location while charging their car.

Improve Your Customer Experience

The EV space is growing rapidly. Making your parking lot accessible to EV drivers means they’ll choose your business over competitors, knowing they can charge while they visit.

Forward-Thinking Brand Image

By embracing EV adoption, you’re demonstrating your proactive stance in meeting customer expectations ahead of your competitors. Studies have shown that an EV driver will frequent shopping locations that have chargers installed over those that do not. After all, the positive consumer experience starts the moment they pull into your parking lot.

A Remarkable ROI

eV Power ensures that you reduce upfront costs while enhancing your ROI. Contact us today, whether you’re seeking information on rebates, incentives, or grants, we’re here to simplify this process every step of the way.


Future-Proof Your Business with eV Power

How will the eV power Member discounts work?

Our Partners will offer eV power Members discounts, promotions, or other exclusive offers and update their offers regularly. eV power will be expanding the Member discount functionality over time.