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At eV Power Exchange, we’re dedicated to simplifying your charging journey. With our expanding network of reliable and convenient DC Fast Charging Stations, in Utah and beyond, you can charge up with confidence.


The Benefits of eV Power Exchange 

Charge With Speed

With our DC Fast Chargers, you can go from 20% to 80% battery capacity in only 30 minutes, making EV charging more efficient for you.

More Range, Less Time

Fast charging means you can cover longer distances worry-free, eliminating “range anxiety” and allowing you to take longer trips in your EV.

Convenient Locations

Located in bustling areas, our chargers are always close to restaurants, shops, and other amenities making your wait time more enjoyable.

Universal Compatibility

eV Power Exchange chargers are compatible with all EVs, including Teslas with the NACS adapter, just make sure you hear the “click” before inserting it into the vehicle’s charging port.

Reliable Support

Count on us for a smooth charging experience, with 24/7 support for any issues that may arise.

Robust Mobile App

Our mobile app seamlessly connects drivers to the charging network, allowing you to reserve a charging location, track usage, & much more, making your charging experience hassle-free.

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