EV Drivers

The Shift From Range Anxiety to Range Confidence

7 June 2024

By: eV Power

Are you a new or future EV driver worried about running out of battery before reaching your destination? Let’s ease your concerns with some reassuring facts. 

What is Range Anxiety? 

Range anxiety is a term widely used in the EV industry, to describe the fear that an electric car won’t have enough battery to reach its destination. These worries developed during the early stages of the EV revolution when drivers couldn’t get more than 70 miles from a fully charged battery. No wonder EV Drivers were anxious, right? 

The Current Reality

New data is showing that increased adoption rates, technological advancements, and the rollout of EV infrastructure are having a positive impact on EV driver’s attitudes. Now, an EV Driver can get a range of over 200-300 miles depending on their chosen model. 

Research has also shown that 76% of future EV owners worry about range, yet 59% of actual EV drivers experience no range anxiety at all.  

Range Anxiety to Range Confidence

A 2021 Cox Automotive study revealed that over 80% of consumers hesitated to embrace electric vehicles due to worries about range anxiety, which came from the fear of the unknown and lack of infrastructure. Since this study, EV adoption rates have soared and infrastructure has grown, with over 61,000 charging stations in the U.S. expected this year, meaning it has doubled since 2020, when only 29,000 stations were available. 

In 2023, only 14% of EV drivers said that they refrained from taking longer journeys, showing a significant growth in confidence in taking longer trips in an EV. It’s clear that the EV driver is now more confident because EV chargers are becoming more accessible. 

The New Normal

EV charging is still a relatively new phenomenon, people are getting used to the shift, and that always takes time. From initial fears to growing confidence, the statistics and the journey of EV drivers highlight how far the industry has come. 

We hope these facts helped settle your nerves. Our mission at eV Power is to increase range confidence by making convenient charging accessible. With each successful charge, EV drivers are becoming more confident in their range.