“The Charge Behind EVP:” Introducing Nicole Hungson Ford, Vice President of Corporate Finance and Administration at eV Power Exchange

11 December 2023

By: eV Power

In the fast-evolving world of electric vehicle (EV) charging, Nicole Hungson Ford stands as a key player, steering the financial, back-office, analytics and operational aspects of eV Power Exchange (eVP). 

As the Vice President of Corporate Finance and Administration at eVP, she brings a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for the industry. 

In our “The Charge Behind eVP” series, Nicole shares with us her journey into the world of EV charging with eVP.

A Journey Through Finance

Nicole, a CPA (CA) with a masters degree in accounting and an undergraduate degree in business administration, has a strong background in finance administration, reporting and analysis, corporate governance, compliance and M&A. 

She articled at PricewaterhouseCoopers, working predominantly with technology companies, and subsequently assumed prominent financial roles with NASDAQ listed organizations in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical space. Following that, she ventured into the uncharted territory of the cannabis industry – a rising, new high growth sector that sprouted from the historic 2018 legalization of cannabis use in Canada. Although never having consumed cannabis herself, but always willing to take on challenging roles, she assumed the VP Corporate Finance role at a large publicly listed cannabis company, to help steer and scale the organization during a period of high growth, rapid change and regulatory uncertainty. 

In 2021, Nicole assumed a contract VP Finance position with a US based organization in the mobile medical service space, which dispatched doctors and nurses to patients’ homes. The demand for and trend towards such mobile medical services gained significant momentum and popularity during the COVID pandemic and lockdown. 

Nicole’s diverse career path in ever-innovating industries gained her invaluable insights into navigating financial operations in disruptor companies, which eventually led her to eVP. She was drawn to the emerging EV charging industry, recognizing it as a space with enormous potential and opportunities to make a difference, with her background in tech making this a compelling opportunity to return to her roots.

A Passion and Purpose

Nicole’s passion to work with eVP stems from her belief in the pivotal role EVs will play in the future of transportation and building a sustainable planet. She envisions a world where EVs are commonplace and the EV user experience is hassle-free, convenient and efficient. The EV industry is not only of personal interest to her but also as a way to contribute and pave the path to a sustainable and eco-friendly future for her children and generations beyond. 

She says, “EV adoption will have a big impact on society in the next 10 years, including my own family. When my kids grow up, I don’t think they will remember what a gas vehicle is – they are going to be EV drivers one day.” 

Nicole views eVP as being a disruptor, playing a significant role in this narrative of a greener future, by continuously striving to provide top-notch charging services and propelling the industry forward.

Challenges and Opportunities in the EV Charging Space

Nicole identifies some challenges that come with this dynamic industry. One of the most prominent issues is the lack of established regulations and clarity in the EV charging space. The uncertainty of government guidance and evolving legislation presents unique challenges for new businesses eager to participate in growing and developing the EV landscape. Nevertheless, she views these challenges as opportunities for thought leadership and creative and innovative solutions, driven by the dedicated team at eVP.

The Path to Success

Nicole attributes much of her success to being “thrown in the deep end” throughout her career, where she had to learn quickly and adapt to new challenges by establishing strong cross functional relationships with her team. She finds learning from experienced professionals is crucial to personal growth. Working with seasoned leaders like Mark Sampson and Ralph Proceviat at eVP provides her with valuable mentorship and tremendous opportunities to help drive strategy, problem solve and support operations, further fueling her success.

Nicole has always strived for constant career growth and development, and balancing this with her family life is a challenge that she embraces. She strongly believes that eVP’s mission and message aligns with her personal goal to impart lessons of good environmental citizenship on to her two young daughters.  

Charting a New Course in the EV Power Industry

Nicole’s journey into the electric vehicle charging industry intersects passion, experience, and purpose. With her unique background and a team committed to overcoming challenges and pushing boundaries, her role at eVP promises to leave a lasting impact and impression on the world of EV charging, creating a better future for all.

About eV Power Exchange

eV Power Exchange is a rapidly growing Electric Vehicle Service Provider (EVSP) providing EV Charging solutions to North America’s EV community. 

The demand for EVs in North America is growing. Yet the supply of reliable, integrated EV charging networks is insufficient to meet this rising demand. eV Power Exchange is poised to disrupt and capture a significant segment of the EV charging market: 

  • Our state-of-the-art chargers are supremely reliable – we’re committed to delivering charge-point experience excellence.
  • Our chargers will be conveniently located where EV drivers live, work, and play, empowering them to confidently explore life’s open roads.
  • Our future partnership model with leading merchants in retail, food/beverage, and entertainment will allow drivers to experience something new whenever they need to top up – the days of sitting around and waiting for your EV to charge will soon be over! 

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