Riverdale North Hosts Four New eV Power Exchange DC Fast Charging Stations

22 January 2024

By: eV Power

eV Power Exchange has launched four new DC Fast Charging Stations in Riverdale North at 4087 Riverdale Rd, Ogden, Utah. The stations are user-friendly and conveniently located in the parking lot behind Olive Garden. This launch was proudly in partnership with CC Acquisitions, with both companies experiencing another smooth installment. 

Strategically located near popular restaurants and retail, the new Riverdale North charging stations will be easily accessible for EV drivers. The seamless blend of fast charging capabilities and the accessible location will allow Ogden EV owners to charge while enjoying an evening or day out with their friends and family. 

Full Speed Ahead

With another successful installment in place, this is a continued motivation for eV Power Exchange to roll out additional DC Fast Charging Stations across the state, and in time, nationwide. Seeing these stations already in use proves their necessity to meet the needs of the many EV drivers across the state. 

Stay up to date with our website and social media to learn about future DC Fast Charging Station launches. 

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