New Charging Station Unveiled: eV Power Exchange Launches at 3305 South 2300 East, Salt Lake City

29 November 2023

By: eV Power

The team at eV Power Exchange is excited to announce our recent DC Fast Charging Station launch in partnership with CC Acquisitions. The new site is located at 3305 South 2300 East, Salt Lake City (next to the Speedway and Swig). Home to 4x DC Fast Charging Stations, it will allow busy commuters to charge up at a well-known and easily accessible lot. 

The “Speedway/Swig” location is positioned near major transportation arteries, increasing the likelihood of experiencing high-volume traffic. Being one of the only public charging stations within a 5-mile radius, these new charging stations will bring more attainable options to EV drivers on the go. 

Rapid Growth

Despite launching after The Shops at Fort Union in Midvale, the utilization at 3305 South 2300 East was almost equal to its forerunner after just a few weeks of being operational. This growth highlights the importance of bringing more fast charging stations to remote areas that will allow EV drivers to go the distance on their commute. 

What’s Ahead

This DC Fast Charging Station is positioned to be a hub for EV commuters and be a signal for the need for more locations across the state. The entire team at eV Power Exchange has been thrilled to see the early success of this launch. eV Power Exchange is excited to continue our rollout of launches and bring hope to a greener and brighter future. 

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