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“The Charge Behind EVP:” Mark Sampson, CEO + Co-Founder

27 October 2023

By: eV Power

At eV Power Exchange (EVP), our journey towards a sustainable, electrified future is marked by the footsteps of our leaders. Each step resonates with passion, experience, and vision.

In this content series, “The Charge Behind EVP,” we spotlight a trailblazer who’s helped shape—and continues to shape—industries on the cusp of disruptive innovation: meet Mark Sampson, CEO and Co-Founder of EVP.

From Hockey to High Tech: Mark’s Origin in Innovation

Mark’s foray into technology was the result of an unexpected turn in his life’s journey. While many teenagers aspired to careers informed by academics or family legacy Mark dreamed of one day playing hockey in the NHL. But like several young athletes the realities of life set in and NHL dreams faded, he faced a crossroads.

It wasn’t long before Mark found himself irresistibly drawn to the burgeoning world of technology. He admired the titans of the tech world, those who didn’t just watch from the sidelines but jumped into the fray, making meaningful impacts.

One name that stood out early in his career was Tom Peters. An influential thought leader and speaker, Peters’ insights into the transformative power of technology on a global scale resonated deeply with Mark. He was captivated by stories of innovation, of individuals and businesses rewriting rules, and shaping the future. 

For Mark, it wasn’t enough to merely observe. He dove headfirst into the tech universe, keen to play a role in scripting the next chapter of innovation, particularly as it related to the Internet and how to put it to use to benefit consumers and corporations alike.

Trailblazing in Tech From the Start: The Internet and EVs

The world of electric vehicles (EVs) might seem worlds apart from the early days of the Internet, but for Mark, the parallels are inseparable. Just as he navigated the unknown waters of commercializing the Internet, the EV landscape offered a familiar terrain of untapped potential and challenges.

Mark’s ethos is simple yet potent: Surround yourself with brilliance, chart your own path, and remain undeterred by the absence of a roadmap. From orchestrating the flow of internet traffic between borders to visualizing an interconnected network of EV chargers, Mark has always been a driving force behind groundbreaking initiatives.

EVP’s Strategy: A Different Approach to EV Charging

In the ever-evolving EV arena, Mark took a discerning approach rather than settling for the industry’s standards. Identifying evident gaps, like unreliable machine uptime and less-than-optimal business strategies, he saw room for substantial improvement.

Mark’s extensive telecom experience, paired with the collective expertise and discipline of the EVP team laid the foundation for a distinct approach. Their strategy involved building symbiotic relationships with companies around the globe that were best in class when it came to building and deploying EV Charging networks.  Once assembled they would collectively knit together the fabric necessary for what Mark believes is one of the best, most robust, and feature-rich EV Charging Networks anywhere.  Their approach has always been to leverage the skills and expertise of leading global organizations rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.  

On the theme of selecting great partners, the company developed long-term relationships with property owners of retail, commercial, and entertainment venues (Property Partners) to leverage select property locations, while helping them take advantage of the widespread government investment in clean technologies. They set out to showcase the paramount importance of machine and network reliability to deliver a premier charging experience. 
This holistic perspective enabled EVP to begin redefining the EV charging domain, ensuring EV Drivers receive the quality, performance, and reliability they deserve. 

Leading with Integrity: Mark’s Guiding Principle

Every leader carries a torch that lights their path. For Mark, that torch is the team he builds, characterized by integrity, mutual respect, and commitment to building a great company anyone would be proud to work for. He believes in a candid and ego-free environment, which paves the way for efficiency, speed, and purposeful execution. It’s these principles that not only shape EVP’s internal dynamics but also influence its external partnerships and customer relationships. Mark is often quoted as saying there is no “I” in team and he doesn’t care who gets the credit so long as the job gets done.   

Shaping the Future of Transportation

Mark imagines a world where combustion engines are a relic of the past. He visualizes EVP playing a pivotal role in sculpting the memories of tomorrow’s drivers, offering them a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable driving experience. For him, it’s about doing their bit, step by step, to rectify past mistakes and bequeath a healthier world to the next generation.

Mark Sampson’s narrative is a testament to the spirit of innovation, tenacity, and leadership that defines EVP. As we tread further into our electrified dream, it’s pioneers like Mark who ensure that EVP is leading the EV revolution on the ice or in the boardroom.

And that officially wraps up our “The Charge Behind EVP” series! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our crew as much as we loved sharing our stories. Thanks for riding along with us, and here’s to all the electric adventures the future holds!

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