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EV Power Exchange Secures Major Win in West Valley City, Utah, for One-Of-A-Kind EV Charging Project

10 July 2024

By: eV Power

Statue of hockey players outside Maverik Center, West Valley City.

eV Power Exchange (eVP), is pleased to announce that they have been selected as the preferred solution provider for the West Valley City Electric Vehicle Charging Project. This significant achievement comes after a highly competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, where eVP emerged victorious among numerous applicants.

Utah & West Valley City skyline with mountains in the background

West Valley City, a forward-thinking community in Utah, sought a comprehensive end-to-end EV charging solution that would meet the current and future needs of the rapidly growing EV population. The initiative includes the installation of DC Fast chargers at five strategically chosen locations, with each site receiving four chargers, except for the premier location at the Maverik Center, a 12,600-seat multi-purpose indoor arena that will feature ten chargers. This arena was the main venue for ice hockey events during the Winter Olympics. These DC Fast Chargers will power electric vehicles to 80% capacity in just 40 minutes. Beyond the Maverik Center, the other designated locations are: 

The RFP issued by West Valley City encompassed all critical components essential for a successful implementation, such as design, engineering, permitting, installation, and a long-term service and support contract (Master Services Agreement ) which will include enabling EV drivers to pay for their charges using a mobile app and/or credit card.

The Consolidated Electrical Distributors of Salt Lake City (CED) is thrilled to play a pivotal role in advancing EV infrastructure. Timothy Sorenson from the CED stated,  “Working hand in hand with eV Power integrates CED in the process to bring public EV Fast chargers to market from beginning to end. This strategic partnership helps us to avoid typical supply chain hiccups and make each project the most efficient and seamless for our end users.”

eVP’s dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering a robust and reliable EV charging network, coupled with the ability to meet West Valley City’s ambitious project timeline, played a pivotal role in securing this partnership.

Travis Nicolaides, eVP’s Chief Revenue Officer, commented, “We are ecstatic that we were selected by West Valley City as their partner on their EV charger Project. Throughout the contract negotiations and development of the project scope of work, I have been very impressed with the city’s commitment to providing a reliable and accessible EV charging network for the residents of West Valley City and the State of Utah.”

eVP is committed to being a long-term strategic partner to the city to ensure that the investment is returned in the form of satisfied customers, engaged developers and commercial property owners, and assistance in reducing carbon emissions to improve air quality for the great State of Utah.

The partnership between eVP and West Valley City marks a significant step forward in the evolution of sustainable transportation in Utah and reinforces eVP’s position as a leading player in the electric vehicle infrastructure industry.

About eV Power Exchange

eV Power Exchange is a rapidly growing Electric Vehicle Service Provider (EVSP) providing EV Charging solutions to North America’s electric vehicle (EV) community. 

26.4 million EV cars are expected to hit the US roads by 2030, yet the supply of reliable, and fully integrated EV charging solutions is insufficient to meet the demand. eV Power Exchange intends to change that: 

  • Our state-of-the-art chargers are supremely reliable and we’re committed to charge-point experience excellence.
  • Our chargers will be conveniently located where EV drivers live, work, and play, empowering them to get on the road with confidence.
  • Our partnership model engages with industry leaders in retail, hospitality,  entertainment and recreation venues allowing drivers to experience something new whenever they need to charge up – the days of sitting around and waiting for your EV to charge will soon be over! 

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