eV Power Exchange Launches New Charging Station at The Shops at Fort Union in Midvale

10 November 2023

By: eV Power

eV Power Exchange is excited to announce our most recent EV charging station launch at The Shops at Fort Union. The EV charging site is located at 7170 South 1000 East, Midvale Utah, just outside of Dick’s Sporting Goods. We are pleased to be in partnership with CC Acquisitions for the launch of these chargers. 

The new station hosts 4x DC Fast Charging Stations, capable of charging an EV from 15% to 80% battery capacity in approximately 40-45 minutes. This allows for a high number of EVs that can be charged daily during The Shops’ opening hours. 

With high traffic at these charging stations due to the popular nature of the location, it is sure to become a valuable asset for shoppers who need a convenient and accessible spot to charge up. This launch is incredibly gratifying for the entire eV Power Exchange team as it is indicative of successful future launches and the growth of the company. 

The Importance of Location

Fort Union was among eV Power Exchange’s primary charger locations for the initial rollout, based on its popularity and proximity to national retailers. Witnessing it become a reality is an exciting step for the company and a sign of future growth.

With Utah being home to nearly 30,000 EV drivers, the need for adequate and accessible charging stations is evident. eV Power Exchange views this as an opportunity to address the demand and bring more chargers to high-traffic areas and, in turn, make charging more accessible in the state. 

Looking Ahead to a Sustainable Future

In executing the Fort Union launch, one of eV Power Exchange’s earlier and larger projects, we adeptly navigated unexpected challenges, extracting valuable lessons for our future launches. 

Being operational at Fort Union is an exciting milestone for eV Power Exchange. Seeing our early business aspirations materialize at this reputable location reinforces the company’s dedication to a greener, more sustainable future. Witnessing Fort Union shoppers enjoy the convenience of eV Power charging will be a motivating affirmation in continuing our mission and launching more chargers state and country-wide. The entire team at eV Power Exchange is optimistic and motivated to continue establishing stations that will bring a greener tomorrow.

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