eV Power Exchange Announces Four More DC Fast Charging Stations at Canyon Rim

16 January 2024

By: eV Power

Canyon Rim is now home to four new eV Power Exchange DC Fast Charging Stations, in proud partnership with CC Acquisitions. Launched at 3235 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, Utah, these charging stations are conveniently located outside of 7-Eleven and Café Rio. 

Convenience is Everything

Canyon Rim is not only notable for incredible views and parks but also for strip mall retailers, popular restaurants, and shopping destinations. With neighboring charging stations becoming inoperable, eV Power Exchange’s launch in Canyon Rim comes well-timed. Salt Lake City citizens will now have four Fast Charging Stations conveniently located near their already frequented stops. 

Gearing Up For More Launches

Following the latest launch in Canyon Rim, eV Power Exchange has several more stations planned out to bring more accessibility and convenience to Salt Lake City EV drivers. Stay up to date with social media for more announcements and launches to come. 

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For more information or questions, reach out: info@evpowerexchange.com