Boise Center, Salt Lake City is Home to Four New DC Fast Charging Stations

5 January 2024

By: eV Power

eV Power Exchange is excited to announce another site launch here in Salt Lake City – four more DC Fast Charging Stations are up and running at Boise Center, in partnership with CC Acquisitions.

Our Boise Center charging stations are located at 5546 S Van Winkle Expy, Salt Lake City, Utah opposite of fun destinations such as Legends Boxing, Zen Massage, Get Air Trampoline and Vasa Fitness. The DC Fast Charging Stations are conveniently located next to popular spots, allowing Salt Lake City citizens to enjoy a fun day out while getting their EVs charged. 

Each DC Fast Charging Station can efficiently charge an EV from 15% to 80% battery capacity in approximately 40-45 minutes. The combination of the easy-to-access location and the convenience of quick charging will allow EV drivers to get their vehicle up to the appropriate charge within the time of their visit to Boise Center.

Looking Ahead

Bringing eV Power Exchange DC Fast Charging Stations to various convenient locations like this one has been rewarding for the company. We are gearing up for additional launches and looking forward to seeing more Salt Lake City citizens enjoying the power of fast charging. 

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