EV Drivers

5 Ways to Keep Your EV Battery Healthy

2 April 2024

By: eV Power

An EV car driving through Utah

EV Drivers, follow these best practices to keep your battery at its healthiest:

Avoid a Full Charge
It’s essential to avoid regularly charging your EV to 100%. If you’re not planning to use your EV for an extended period, consider keeping the state of charge between 30% and 80%. *Be sure to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Manage Phantom Drain
Phantom drain is where the battery discharges slowly even when the vehicle is not in use. Minimize this by disabling unnecessary features like cabin preconditioning & remote access when not needed.

Balance Charging Practices
Balance charging helps ensure that all cells in the battery pack are charged to a similar level, reducing the risk of cell degradation due to voltage imbalances.

Use Eco Driving Modes
Many EVs offer eco or energy-saving driving modes that optimize power delivery and reduce energy consumption. Engaging eco-driving modes can help extend your EV’s range and reduce stress on the battery by promoting smoother acceleration and deceleration.

Use Reliable Chargers
Reliable chargers ensure that your battery receives a consistent & efficient supply of power, minimizing energy losses. Our DC Fast Chargers can power your drive from 15% to 80% in just 45 minutes and we are also fully compatible with all EV Models.