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“The Charge Behind EVP:” Introducing Travis Nicolaides, Chief Revenue Officer

18 October 2023

By: eV Power

At eV Power Exchange (EVP), we’re fueled by the people helping us chart our course toward a more sustainable, accessible future for electric vehicle (EV) charging.

And as we navigate the intricate realm of EV charging innovation, we recognize the value of having visionary leaders comprise our team. Leaders who not only possess technical acumen but can also achieve the broader societal objectives of our mission.

Welcome back to “The Charge Behind EVP.” Today, we bring into focus a strategic mind and a thoughtful leader – meet Travis Nicolaides, EVP’s Chief Revenue Officer.

Bridging Sectors, Driving Success: Travis’ Approach

With 15 years of experience in VP roles at industry giants like Fusion Connect, Travis honed a unique skill: transforming challenges into opportunities for innovation. Throughout his professional career, he learned that businesses thrive when they act as strategic partners, not just vendors. For Travis, collaboration isn’t just a business strategy; it’s an essential philosophy. And at EVP, he’s leveraged this expertise to ensure that our partnerships are founded on trust and shared goals.

As Travis would put it, “A partner is invested in the outcome of the customer more than their personal outcome.” This ethos has seen EVP form relationships with stakeholders that are built on mutual trust and respect. In his view, our company’s success lies largely in our shared ability to work with those we trust and who trust us in return.

From Field Goals to Business Milestones

Sports have played a pivotal role in shaping Travis’s leadership acumen. Drawing parallels between business and soccer, he observes that, like sports, businesses are only as good as their weakest link. This realization has instilled in him a drive for collective growth, ensuring that every link in the chain is robust and resilient.

Amongst the myriad of influences that have catalyzed Travis’ growth as a person and professional, Mark Sampson, EVP CEO and Co-Founder, stands out for his mentorship and guidance. Together, they’ve consistently transformed businesses with great potential into sustainably profitable ventures – something they’ve set out to accomplish again with EVP. 

A Vision Rooted in Tangible Needs

Travis envisions EVP’s EV chargers as more than mere plug-in points. For him, EV chargers should serve as communal hubs – revitalizing local businesses, promoting community interaction, and fostering sustainable growth. He remarks, “Our unique business model drives people back to communities that have suffered, especially during the pandemic. We’re making these connections more seamless than ever as North America transitions away from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in favor of electric.” 

For Travis, EVP is all about fostering this bond between technology and the community. Looking at the booming EV adoption rates, especially in fast-growing regions like Utah, Travis is keen to ensure that EVP remains at the forefront, leading with innovation and a community-centric approach.

Forging a Brighter, Electrified Future

Travis’s goals for EVP are clear – he envisions a world where the shift to EVs is smooth, with chargers accessible and reliable. His dreams for EVP aren’t just about leading in the EV world but also about creating value for the entire ecosystem, ensuring a seamless, enriched experience for all stakeholders.

Travis Nicolaides’s journey encapsulates the core principles EVP stands by – innovation, community, and sustainability. His experiences and insights have been pivotal in guiding our course, and as we continue our mission, leaders like Travis ensure we’re not just on track but shaping the very future of EVs.

Stay connected as we unveil more trailblazers from the EVP team in our upcoming segments.

About eV Power Exchange

eV Power Exchange is a rapidly growing Electric Vehicle Service Provider (EVSP) providing EV Charging solutions to North America’s electric vehicle (EV) community. 

The demand for EVs in North America is growing. Yet the supply of reliable, integrated EV charging networks is insufficient to meet this rising demand. eV Power Exchange is poised to disrupt and capture a significant segment of the EV charging market: 

  • Our state-of-the-art chargers are supremely reliable – we’re committed to charge-point experience excellence.
  • Our chargers will be conveniently located where EV drivers live, work, and play, empowering them to confidently explore life’s open roads.
  • Our partnership model with leading merchants in retail, food/beverage, and entertainment allows drivers to experience something new whenever they need to top up – the days of sitting around and waiting for your EV to charge will soon be over! 

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