“The Charge Behind EVP:” Introducing Kirby Okuda, Vice President of Sales Operations

6 October 2023

By: eV Power

In the ever-evolving world of electrification and sustainability, few journeys stand out as prominently as that of Kirby Okuda, Vice President of Sales Operations at eV Power Exchange.

In this article, we’re excited to introduce you to Kirby, shine a light on his exceptional story, and demonstrate why he’s such an integral component of the eV Power Exchange team.

Okuda’s narrative is a shining example of adaptability, vision, and the marriage of seemingly disparate domains, transitioning from a profound impact in the e-learning sector to pioneering electric vehicle (EV) strategies.

Bridging Education and Electric Vehicles

While many would view education and electric vehicle industries as worlds apart, Kirby found an underlying symmetry. Initially stepping into the e-learning realm as a temporary endeavor, Kirby soon recognized the multifaceted challenges that the sector presented. Over time, he cultivated a unique ability to weave together process efficiencies, data-driven strategies, and fiscal responsibility. “In both spaces, be it education or eV Power Exchange, evidence-backed strategy has been the cornerstone of my decision-making process,” Kirby states.

This dedication to data-driven decision-making isn’t merely theoretical; it has practical implications. During Kirby’s time in education, his meticulous approach to data helped limit funding losses to just 0.4%, a commendable feat when many institutions typically lose about 3-5% of all general funding. Kirby’s knack for operational efficiency and strategic partnerships offers eV Power Exchange an unparalleled edge in the EV sector.

Diverse Backgrounds: A Powerhouse Team

Kirby is one of many team members with a diverse background here at eV Power Exchange. With team members specializing in everything from business building to electrical engineering, our company thrives on its multi-disciplinary approach. Kirby quipped about his early days, “I could barely change a lightbulb, yet here I was venturing into selling electricity.” But that’s what’s remarkable about this journey – it’s about continuous growth, adapting, and bringing people together for a shared vision.

Pioneering the eV Movement in Politically Diverse Regions

Kirby and his team have taken bold strides in regions many might overlook due to their political dynamics. States like Utah, known for its complex political landscape, have welcomed eV Power Exchange’s initiatives with open arms. “Both political sides see benefits in our cause,” Kirby elaborates. We have successfully navigated potential roadblocks by aligning our discussions based on the audience, ensuring our mission remains front and center.

From Brazil to the Boardroom

Kirby’s international experience, particularly his tenure with doTERRA in Brazil, gave him a rich tapestry of cultural and professional insights. These insights have been invaluable in our interactions with global manufacturers, many of whom have Brazilian connections. As the company looks towards South American markets for future expansions, Kirby’s familiarity with the continent and its cultures becomes an asset.

Shaping the Future of Transportation

As Kirby contemplates the future of EVs, there’s an undeniable sense of pride and hope in his voice. Fifteen years from now, he envisions a world where the combustion engine is a relic of the past. When the next generation takes to the roads, they’ll do so in electric vehicles, surrounded by charging stations that eV Power Exchange helped establish.

Kirby Okuda’s journey from the e-learning space to the forefront of the EV revolution is not just a career transition; it’s a testament to the transformative power of vision, adaptability, and collaboration. As eV Power Exchange continues to drive the future, Kirby is a testament to how diverse experiences and innovative mindsets can help shape a brighter, more sustainable world.

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