“The Charge Behind EVP:” Introducing Clint Chamberlain, Chief Operating Officer

6 September 2023

By: eV Power

Clint Chamberlain

At eV Power Exchange (EVP), we’re driven by the pursuit of perpetual progress, constantly learning while working to develop a deep understanding of the industry and the needs of the customers we will serve in our markets. With a vision to create and power North America’s leading driver-focused EV charging network and develop an ecosystem that includes those in our community – our property partners (owners), merchants, and cities in these premier locations where we live, work, and play is paramount to us.

Since our inception in 2020, we’ve worked tirelessly to get to where we are.  We recently installed our first EV chargers in Salt Lake City, Utah, marking a crucial breakthrough in our evolving journey characterized by the culmination of incremental yet significant milestones. 

And like most innovative initiatives, our progress is powered by our exceptional team behind the scenes that has been instrumental in us realizing these milestones. 

Welcome to The Charge Behind EVP – our new series introducing you to the people who electrify our drive as a company.

Today, we shine a spotlight on an individual whose lived experiences, leadership, and dedication personifies our company’s mission. We’re thrilled to introduce eV Power Exchange’s Chief Operating Officer, Clint Chamberlain.

The Foundation of Leadership: Clint’s Journey

Every leader’s journey is forged by transformative experiences that shape their values and ignite their drive. Clint Chamberlain’s is no exception. Clint’s remarkable story began with a humanitarian volunteer opportunity in Ukraine in the 90’s, which sparked an unyielding passion for serving others, empowering high-performing teams, and a rekindled appreciation for the freedoms he and his family cherished back home.

Upon completing his volunteer work, Clint returned to the United States to enlist in the US Army, driven by his dream to live a life where extraordinary leadership met selfless service. Using his Russian language skills, he began serving part-time in the Utah Army National Guard. Shortly afterwards, Clint also completed the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training to become a full time Law Enforcement Officer. He progressed through various roles in the Salt Lake City Police Department before transitioning to the regular active duty Army, where he led and inspired troops every day at home and abroad. 

Through the US Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), Clint combined ambitious academic pursuits with rigorous leadership training, through which he earned his BA Economics degree as a Distinguished Military Graduate, placing him at #8 nationally out of 4700 commissioning army officers, an outstanding achievement within the top .02% of his cohort. Not one to rest on his laurels, Clint has recently enrolled in an online MBA program at LSU, underscoring his commitment to lifelong learning.

Clint’s military journey then led him to Army Aviation and the challenge of helming a reconnaissance attack helicopter in the famed 82nd Airborne Division. Year after year, Clint was honored to be a superior performer among his peers, leading to several challenging and rewarding leadership opportunities. His military journey culminated in leading complex, multi-faceted organizations and managing assets valued in the hundreds of millions.

“Serving taught me how to be an exceptional leader and a good steward of resources and people under my management. It meant putting the needs of others above my own, ensuring my teams had what they needed to succeed.”

— Clint Chamberlain, Chief Operating Officer, eV Power Exchange

Yet, for Clint, leadership is so much more than accolades. It meant putting his soldiers’ needs above his own. Whether ensuring his troops had support from the chain of command or advocating for their needs during personal crises, Clint’s leadership was all about maintaining connections and acting with a high standard of care. 

These values became even more significant when he was injured in a Taliban attack in Afghanistan in 2012. However, Clint’s resilience turned adversity into an opportunity.

From Military Precision to eV Power

Following his early medical retirement from the Army, Clint channeled his passion for leadership into the private sector. Harnessing his training and leadership experiences, he spearheaded operations for a national power company catering to the military and later moved into driving operations in the e-commerce and logistics verticals.

However, Clint’s leadership acumen found a new direction at eV Power Exchange.

At EVP, Clint views innovations in electric vehicle (EV) charging through the lens of community betterment. Understanding the broader implications of the company’s work, Clint isn’t just focused on building a nation-leading charging infrastructure – he’s focused on fostering deeper connections, stimulating local economies, and enhancing communal well-being.

Clint envisions EV chargers as more than just plug-in points. They’re catalysts for change – driving traffic back to local businesses, supporting community engagement, and fostering social interactions.

“In an era where brick-and-mortar traffic is waning, our model drives traffic back to the areas that are suffering. And a lot of times, they’re local businesses, community pillars. We’re supporting local economies and encouraging people to get out of their cars and enjoy the world around them!  For us, it’s all about the people at the end of the day.”

— Clint Chamberlain, Chief Operating Officer, eV Power Exchange

With a keen eye on the evolving EV landscape, Clint is actively spearheading strategic collaborations with our partners on future charger designs, ensuring they’re efficient, upgradable, and less burdensome on the grid. 

Community at the Heart of eV Power Exchange

Central to EVP’s mission is the idea of community. Clint sees this not only as a strategy but as a personal calling. The EVP network is designed to ease the anxieties of potential EV drivers, ensuring chargers are everywhere they need to be – from commercial hubs to community centers. 

For Clint, the end goal is about making a tangible difference. Whether ensuring the highest level of uptime for the chargers or focusing on impeccable customer service, Clint’s vision and leadership are a testament to EVP’s commitment to the drivers that rely on our network.

“We want to be EVERYTHING in the EV world – a true ‘one-stop-shop,’ the highest level of uptime and friendly customer service operators that can support drivers in real-time with a powerful mobile app and robust back office. That’s what EVP is all about.”

— Clint Chamberlain, Chief Operating Officer, eV Power Exchange

Clint’s journey—from the military terrains of Afghanistan to the forefront of EV innovation—embodies the spirit of leadership, resilience, and community, which are core tenets of our corporate culture. His story is a testament to EVP’s commitment to not just powering electric vehicles but powering progress, community connections, and a brighter, more sustainable future that helps create a greener world for generations to come.

Stay tuned as we introduce you to more eV Power Exchange team members driving our mission forward.

About eV Power Exchange

eV Power Exchange is a rapidly growing Electric Vehicle Service Provider (EVSP) providing EV Charging solutions to North America’s electric vehicle (EV) community. 

The demand for EVs in North America is growing. Yet the supply of reliable, integrated EV charging networks is insufficient to meet this rising demand. eV Power Exchange is poised to disrupt and capture a significant segment of the EV charging market: 

  • Our state-of-the-art chargers are supremely reliable – we’re committed to charge-point experience excellence.
  • Our chargers will be conveniently located where EV drivers live, work, and play, empowering them to confidently explore life’s open roads.
  • Our partnership model with leading merchants in retail, food/beverage, and entertainment allows drivers to experience something new whenever they need to top up – the days of sitting around and waiting for your EV to charge will soon be over! 

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