Kirby Okuda

Vice President of Sales Operations

Kirby brings a proven track record in operations, leadership, and sales to the eV Power Exchange team. At K12/Stride, Inc., Kirby managed complex, multi-lateral stakeholder relationships and streamlined operational processes. His leadership capabilities evolved further at doTERRA International LLC, where he effectively led a team of over 200 consultants.

Now, at eV Power Exchange, Kirby serves as the Vice President of Sales Operations. His role isn’t just about driving sales; it’s about aligning the company’s business development goals with its overarching mission. Kirby helps to ensure that our growing electric vehicle charging network is both profitable and accessible to as many people as possible. Leveraging his diverse experience and organic knack for building strong relationships, Kirby plays a pivotal role in helping us shape the future of North America’s EV landscape.